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Seda Cavdaroglu, PhD Student 

During my PhD, I have been working on calculation-working memory interaction, multisensory integration of non-symbolic numerical information, multivariate analysis (SVM and SVR) of fMRI data and diffusion weighted imaging. My studies included only healthy subjects so far but I would like to enlarge my research field to include patients and other biological measures (hormone levels, genetical indicators etc.) in the future. You can find my cv here.




Hannes Hösterey, Student Assistant (Germany)

I am a Psychology Student at Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin. My main interest lies in the neuronal underpinnings of our everyday experiences.  I started studying IT Systems Engineering, because I was very interested in artificial intelligence, but my interest quickly moved on to natural intelligence. My goal for the future is to understand the functioning of our mind, our consciousness and to hopefully find out someday, why we are so strange animals.




Maron Mantwill, Student Assistant (Germany)


Past Members


Curren Katz, PhD (now at University of Pittsburgh, Department of Neurobiology)

I am interested in the structural and functional neural underpinnings of numerical cognition. Specifically, my research uses fMRI and DTI to look at neural networks and white matter structures associated with processing diverse types of numerical information. Additionally, psychometric and behavioral testing provides information about the contribution of individual differences, related cognitive processes and affective characteristics to behavioral and neuroimaging findings.  You can find my cv here.



Julia Gerb, Student Assistant

I am studying Psychology at Humboldt University Berlin. This work will be my first opportunity to experience scientific research. I am particularly interested in neuroimaging techniques, as they are essential tools which continuously bring us closer in our understanding of how the human brain functions.




Martin Grund, Masters Student (now at MPI Leipzig)

Currently, I work on my Diploma thesis, that I started at New York University and is supervised by Clayton Curtis (NYU) and André Knops (HU Berlin). We apply Diffusion Spectrum Imaging to get further insights about human homologues of the monkey FEF and LIP area, which are crucial elements of the frontal-parietal attention network. Next to my research interest in neural encoding, processing and storage of sensory information, I do research in the field of Human Computer Interaction (e.g., Elepfandt & Grund, 2012,




Carolin Utecht, Student Assistant (Germany)

I am a student of the masters program in Clinical Psychology at Humboldt University.