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What’s new in the lab?


Yes! A new paper has been accepted for publication in Psychonomic Bulletin & Review.

Title: Spatial attention in mental arithmetic – a literature review and meta-analysis

Authors: Jérôme Prado & André Knops


We welcome Gözde Vatansever as a post-doctoral researcher in the lab! I am looking forward to working with her in the representational characteristics of conceptual knowledge and its dynamic.


Maria Glaser successfully defended her PhD theses at the HU Berlin! Congrats, Maria. It has been a pleasure working with you.


Sixtine Omont-Lescieux has successfully deended her PhD theses! Congrats, Sixtine!


A paper has been accepted for publication in Journal of Cognition! Yeah 🙂

Title: Now you see it, now you don’t – Cognitive skills and their contributions to mathematics across early development

Authors: Ilse Coolen, Sixtine Omont-Lescieux & André Knops


Inaugurative meeting of the Cognitive Neuroscience of Numerical Abilities and their Education (CONNUMERATED) group within and beyond LaPsyDÉ. A forum gathering the folks interested in numerical cognition and exchanging about theories, concepts and methods.


Looking forward to my trip to Seattle tomorrow. Following the invitation by the Gatesfoundation, I will explore the mathematical and algebraic limitations of the Large Language Model, Chat GPT4 from the perspective of the cognitive science of numeracy. In presence of Bill Gates. Exciting!


Looking forward to the TeaP conference of experimental psychology in Trier that starts today. We will have a nice symposium on the question how spatial numbers are with contributions by Martin Fischer, Fabrizio Doricchi, Tânia Ramos, Jolien Moorkens, Stefan Smaczny and myself (work with Guido Hesselmann).


A paper has been accepted in Experimental Psychology! Congratst o Daniele, Matthias and Maria!

Title: Probing the dual-route model of the SNARC effect by orthogonalising processing speed and depth

Authors: Didino, D., Brandtner, M., Glaser, M., Knops, A.


And there it is! After a long period of revising and re-analysis, Cortex has officially accepted our manuscript „Overlapping but separate number representations in the intraparietal sulcus – probing format- and modality-independence in sighted Braille readers“ for publication. Congrats Maria – for the paper and for your stamina!


A paper has been accepted for publication (pending minor revisions) in Cortex – A Journal devoted to the Study of the Nervous System and Behavior. In this paper with Maria Czarnecka, Martin Szwed, Guido Hesselmann, Katarzyna Jednoróg and others we show that that the IPS hosts independent number codes in overlapping cortical circuits.

Title: Overlapping but separate number representations in the intraparietal sulcus – probing format- and modality-independence in sighted Braille readers

Authors: Czarnecka, M., Rączy, K., Szewczyk, J., Paplińska, M., Jednoróg, K., Marchewka, A., Hesselmann, G., Szwed, M & Knops, A.


A paper has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Neural Transmission, together with my colleague Elise Klein. We are proposing a two-network framework for numerical cognition.

Title: The two-network framework of number processing – a step towards a better understanding of the neural origins of developmental dyscalculia

Authors:  Klein, E. & Knops, A.


A paper has been accepted for publication in the Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology, together with my colleague Guido Hesselmann. In contexts void of any spatial references, Arabic digits do not elicit deflections of spatial attention.

Title: No conclusive evidence for number-induced attentional shifts in a temporal order judgment task

Authors: Hesselmann, G. & Knops, A.


Good news: a paper has been accepted for publication in Journal of Numerical Cognition. Congrats, Maria!

Title:  Feedback-resistant spatial biases and sequential dependency effects in approximate arithmetic dissociate from lateralized target detection

Authors: Glaser, M. & Knops, A.


NEW PROJECT: I am looking forward to working on a joint collaborative project with Silke Goebel, Tom Hartley (both in York) and Martin Fischer in Potsdam over the next three years. The project was funded within the Open Research Area program, involving the ANR, DFG and the ESRC.

Project title: On the boundary conditions of conceptial spaces (Bounces)

+++++ Post-Doctoral Funding ++++++

You are interested in the acquisition and the mental organization of concepts in memory? You have some experience in fMRI? Apply with me to work on this exciting project.


NEW PROJECT: The ANR will fund a project on the exploration of the cognitive manipulation of temporal intervals! Looking forward to working in this for the next 3 years!

Project title: On the Cognitive principles underlying operational biases in the temporal domain (Coprobted)


Good news: a paper has been accepted for publication in Journal of Numerical Cognition. Congrats, Daniele!

Title: No Influence of Masked Priming on the Multiplication Fact Retrieval in a Result Verification Task

Authors: Didino, D., Brandner, M. & Knops, A.


I have been elected as member of the Section 26 (Brain, Cognition and Behavior) of the National Committee for Scientific Research (Comité National de la Recherche Scientific, CoNRS), where I also serve as Scientific Secretary


+++++ PhD SCHOLARSHIP ++++++

Apply with me at the doctoral school for a fully funded PhD scholarship at Université de Paris to work on Developmental Dyscalculia and its neurofunctional underpinnings! Get in touch for more information until May 20.


Travelling in difficult conditions: I am happy to see Maria Glaser and Ilse Coolen on their ways around Europe! While Maria just came back from a very exciting research stay with Christine Schiltz in Luxemburg (supported by DAAD), Ilse Coolen will stay in Tübingen for the next six months (Teach in Tübingen) – working wiht H.-C. Nürk. Exciting times!


I am running for the CNRS comité national for the upcoming five-year term. Vote for me if you can 😉


Exciting tasks ahead: I am happy to announce that I will take over as the Editor-in-Chief for the Journal of Numerical Cognition! Many thanks to the MCLS board for their unanimous vote that expresses their trust in my vision for the journal. I will take on this responsibility together with six outstanding Associate Editors: Sara Hart, Tali Leibovich Raveh,  Andreas Obersteiner, Joonkoo Park, Geetha Ramani, & Lieven Verschaffel!


One of these days – where you receive two mails from Nature publishing group, announcing the publication of a paper! Congratulations to

Kasia Rączy and Ana Luisa Pinho, who are the two first authors! It was fun.

Pinho, A.L., Amadon, A., Gauthier, B., Clairis, N., Knops, A. et al. (2020). Individual Brain Charting dataset extension, second release of high-resolution fMRI data for cognitive mapping. Scientific Data 7, 353

Rączy, K., Czarnecka, M., Paplińska, M., Hesselmann, G., Knops, A. & Szwed, M. (2020). Tactile to visual number priming in the left Intraparietal Cortex of sighted Braille readers. Scientific Reports, 10:17571.


Another great moment: Within the workbook series for elementary schools at Nathan, I published a training manual on number comprehension for 2nd graders. The workbook aims at helping them to catch up with what they have missed out on during Covid19-lockdown! The manual combines standard classroom exercises with theory-driven exercises that are grounded on major principles of cognitive psychology that have proven important for understanding numbers: symbolic number knowledge, spatialization of numbers, focus on relevant information while suppressing irrelevant information, … Check it out here [disclaimer: it is in French 😉  ]


More good news: The fabulous Ilse Coolen, currently working as a post-doctoral research fellow at LaPsyDÉ has been granted a Teach@Tübingen Fellowship to join Hans-Christoph Nürk’s lab in Tübingen for the duration of 6 months. Congratulations Ilse! This will allow you to improve your German 😉


Good news. The excellent Maria Glaser, currently working on her PhD thesis at the Experimental Psychology Unitt at Humboldt-Universität in Berlin, will join Christine Schiltz’s lab at the university of Luxemburg for 3 months, funded by the DAAD. Congratulations Maria! Looking very much forward to see the planned experiments being realized.




Great moment this week: I received some copies of my book!!

Numerical Cognition - the basics

Numerical Cognition: The Basics provides an understanding of the neural and cognitive mechanisms

that enable us to perceive, process, and memorize numerical information. Starting from basic numerica

l competencies that humans share with other species, the book explores the mental coding of numbers

and their neural representation. It explains the strategies of mental calculation, their pitfalls and their

development, as well as the developmental steps children make while learning about numbers.

The book gradually builds our understanding of the underlying mental processes of numeracy and

concludes with an insightful examination of the diagnosis, etiology and treatment of dyscalculia.

Written in an accessible manner, the book summarizes and critically evaluates the major psychological

explanations for various empirical phenomena in numerical cognition. Containing a wealth of student-friendly

features including end of chapter summaries, informative figures, further reading lists, and links to relevant websites,

Numerical Cognition: The Basics is an essential starting point for anybody new to the field.

Check it out here: link_to_Routledge


Good news: a paper has been accepted for publication in Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. The first paper of my excellent PhD student Maria Glaser. Congrats, Maria.

Title: When adding is right – temporal order judgments reveal spatial attention shifts during two-digit mental arithmetic

Authors: Glaser, M. & Knops, A.


A paper with my wonderful colleagues from Krakow (Poland), Hamburg and Berlin has been accepted for publication in Acta Psychologica. More to come…

Title: A shared code for Braille and Arabic digits revealed by cross-modal priming in sighted Braille readers

Authors: Rączy, K., Czarnecka, M., Zaremba, D., Paplińska, M., Hesselmann, G., Knops, A. & Szwed, M.


A very warm welcome for Sixtine Omont who started as a PhD candidate on a project on the impact of domain-general factors on the acquisition of numerical competencies. I think we have a great team here!


back from a very interesting and inspiring ESCoP in Tenerife! See you all in Lille in two years time.


My book review on the ‚Introduction to Mathematical Cognition‘ (Gilmore, Göbel & Inglis) will appear soon in QJEP. In a nutshell: Go read the book if you want to learn about the cognitive processes underlying mathematical cognition. The book covers basic numerical processes but also sheds light on how we conceptualize mathematical proofs, reasoning and algebra.


A paper has been accepted for publication in Acta Psychologica:

The influence of semantic processing and response latency on the SNARC effect

Authors: Didino, D., Breil, C. & Knops, A.

Very excited to see my first SNARC paper published 😉 Nice piece of work, guys!


Very happy to welcome Ilse Coolen as a post-doctoral researcher in the lab. WELCOME! Looking forward to working on this longitudinal study on the development of mental arithmetic.


Check this out: we responded to Fischer, Miklashevsky, and Shaki (here) who commented on our earlier manuscript about the developmental trajectory of the Operational Momentum effect (here).

Very same day: happy to announce that there will be a symposium on numerosity perception at the ESCoP 2019 with an exciting group of speakers (in alphabetic order):

– Giovanni Anobile

– Roberto Arrighi

– Eilsa Castaldi

– Serge Dumoulin

– Evelyn Eger

– Michele Fornaciai

– Marcin Szwed


Good news: André joins the editorial board of the Journal of Numerical Cognition. Looking forward to that!


Happy to welcome Marcin Szwed, Kasia Rączy, and Maria Czarnecka at LaPsyDÉ to talk about data from our joint project.


André presents his work at Jêrome Prado’s lab in Lyon.


Happy and proud to join the original BANG (Brain And Number Group) in Aachen, honouring Klaus Willmes who becomes Klaus Willmes ‚emeritus‘ 🙂


What a day – a project has been accepted for funding by the ANR!

Title: How Domain-general Functions Contribute to the Development of Numerical Competencies

duration: 4 years.


A paper has been published in Frontiers in Psychology:

The developmental trajectory of the operational momentum effect

authors: Pedro Pinheiro-Chagas, Daniele Didino, Vitor Geraldi Haase, Guilherme Wood, André Knops


A paper has been accepted for publication in Cerebral Cortex:

Evidence for a posterior parietal cortex contribution to spatial but not temporal numerosity perception.

Authors: Cavdaroglu, S. & Knops, A.

Very excited to see this published. Nice piece of work, Seda!


Things have changed. A lot! The great news: I am back to Paris as a CNRS researcher in the Laboratory for the Psychology of Child Development and Education (LaPsyDÉ)!


We proudly announce the publication of our special issue on the influence of domain-general factors influencing numerical and arithmetic the Journal of Numerical Cognition! This special issue comprises a series of very interesting articles addressing this topic from various angles. Thanks to everybody who contributed to this endeavour. Definitely worth a look.


A paper has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Numerical Cognition.

Title: A role for attentional reorienting during approximate multiplication and division

Authors: Katz, C., Hoesterey, H. & Knops,  A.


A book chapter on „Neuroimaging“ has been accepted for publication. To appear in the „Encyclopedia of Personality and Individual Differences“.


So excited. I just signed a contract with Routledge for a book on „Numerical Cognition“. To appear in spring 2019. Stay tuned…


A book chapter has been accepted for publication in a forthcoming book edited by Avishai Henik and Wim Fias. The chapter is entitled „Neurocognitive Evidence for Spatial Contributions to Numerical Cognition“. To appear in „Heterogeneous Contributions to Numerical Cognition“, Elsevier.


Wow – time flies. Second term as a stand-in professor and teaching still takes up a lot of time… Yet – at this very moment I can proudly link to the website of the Humboldt-Universität which features a nice little interview with me about my work (in German). You find it at or more directly under


Starting October 1, André will be the stand-in professor for Experimental Psychology (‚Allgemeine Psychologie‘) at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin. I am very happy and all excited about this great opportunity!


Off for DGPs meeting in Leipzig.

A paper has been accepted for publication in Journal of Neurophysiology!
Title: Decreased cerebellar-cerebral connectivity contributes to complex task performance
Authors: Katz, C. & Knops, A.

Daniele Didino has joined the lab as post-doctoral research fellow. Welcome Daniele!

Looking forward to presenting our work at workshop on „Heterogeneous Contributions to Numerical Cognition“ (June 1 to June 3) in Gent. It has been organized by Wim Fias and Avishai Henik and the speakers include:

Marc Brysbaert
Jérôme Prado
Bert De Smedt
Wim Notebaert
Faia Screif
Partick Lemaire
Nore Newcombe
Stella Lourenco
André Knops
Liat Goldfarb
Camilla Gilmore
Vinod Menon
Pierre Barouillet
Marie-Pascal Noel
Steve Majerus


My new review on neural correlates of number processing just appeared in The Neuroscientist.


A review article was accepted for publication in The Neuroscientist.

Title: Probing the neural correlates of number processing.

Author: André Knops


André is off to present at TeaP in Heidelberg.


André is presenting the lab’s work at the „Laboratoire de Psychologie de la Perception (LPP)“ at Paris Descartes.


André has the pleasure to head the PhD defense of Karin Ludwig on „Dorsal and ventral stream contributions to visual awareness“.


Seda has successfully defender her PhD thesis with distinction. CONGRATULATIONS Seda!


Tomorrow (18.05.2016) Seda will defend her PhD thesis.


Seda has won a poster prize at the 34th European Meeting on Cognitive Neuropsychology in Bressanone.


André is presenting at the 34th European Meeting on Cognitive Neuropsychology in Bressanone.

We have learned that the the DFG continues to fund our Emmy Noether group for the full 5-year period until May 2017.

Seda has submitted her PhD thesis entitled „Functional Specialiazation in the Brain: the Case of Numbers“ .
C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!


André is presenting our work at the University of Freiburg.


André will host a symposium on „Numerical Cognition“ at the TeaP 2017 in Heidelberg.


Maron Mantwill has joined out team as student assistant. Welcome, Maron.


Curren Katz successfully defended her PhD thesis! C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S !!


Curren will defend her PhD thesis tomorrow, July 21st, 13:00 (room 3’208).


André is attending the Emmy Noether-Meeting at Potsdam (until 17.07.2015).


Seda is off to present her work at the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) meeting in Rio.


André, Seda and Hannes are off to the Psychologie & Gehrin conference in Frankfurt, where we will have the satellite symposium on dorsal contribution to perception tomorrow. Come and join us – it’s free.


Curren has submitted her PhD thesis. Congratulations!


André is presenting our recent work at the Colloquium of the Department of Psychology in Tübingen.


An article was accepted for publication in Neuroimage.

Title: Dissociating estimation from comparison and response eliminates parietal involvement in sequential numerosity perception

Authors: Cavdaroglu, S., Katz, C. & Knops, A.


An article was accepted for publication in Cognition.

Title: Asymmetric activation spreading in the multiplication associative network due to asymmetric overlap between numerosities semantic representations?

Authors: Didino D, Knops A., Vespignani F, & Kornpetpanee S


Seda has won a travel grant to present her work at the International Brain Research Organization (IBRO) meeting in Rio, taking place from July 7 -11 2015.


A paper has been accepted for publication in Psychological Research (pending minor revisions).

Title: Mental subtraction and multiplication recruit both phonological and visuospatial resources: evidence from a symmetric dual-task design

Authors: Cavdaroglu, S & Knops, A.

Congratulations for your first publication, Seda!


André, Seda and Curren are attending the TeaP 2015 in Hildesheim where Seda and Curren present their work in the numerical cognition symposia that are chaired and organized by André (see program here).


Seda has won a travel grant to present her work at the European Neuroscience Conference (ENCODS) taking place April 23 – 26 2015 in Sesimbra (Portugal).


The faculty for Life Sciences at the Humboldt-Universität Berlin has granted André Knops with the Right to Teach (venia legendi).


André is attending the 33rd European Workshop on Cognitive Neuropsychology in Bressanone/Brixen (Italy) where he presents the recently published work on non-conscious perception of numerical information.

„Exploring the boundary conditions of unconscious numerical priming effects with continuous flash suppression“




André will give a presentation on the „psychology of erroneous information processing“ as part of his habilitation (2nd PhD) which should provide him with the venia legendi in psychology. The talk will take place on January 5, 2015 (17:00; room 3’208; Department of Psychology). Everybody is welcome.


The DFG has granted André Knops and Guido Hesselmann with the funding for a Symposium entitled: „Between embodiment and neuronal recycling – Contribution of the dorsal stream to visual perception„. It will take place in Frankfurt/Main (Germany) June 7 & 8, 2015, right after the Psychology & Brain meeting. Everybody is welcome. No fees for participation in the Symposium.

++ Confirmed speakers (alphabetic order): ++

Jorge Almeida (Coimbra, Portugal)

Michael Andres (Gent, Belgium)

Svenja Caspers (FZ Jülich, Germany)

Evelyn Eger (Neurospin, Saclay, France)

Markus Kiefer (Ulm, Germany)

Manuela Piazza (CiMEC, Trento, Italy)

Thomas Schenk (Erlangen, Germany)

Ralp Weidner (FZ Jülich, Germany)


– An article was accepted for publication in Brain Structure and Function.

Title: Considering structural connectivity in the triple code model of numerical cognition – Differential connectivity for magnitude processing and arithmetic facts

Authors: Klein, E., Suchan, J., Moeller, K., Karnath, H.-O., Knops, A., Wood, G., Nuerk, H.-C., & Willmes, K.


– FREE DOWNLOAD of Hesselmann, Darcy, Sterzer & Knops (2014).

Be quick and download our manuscript entitled „Exploring the boundary conditions of unconscious numerical priming effects with continuous flash suppressionFOR FREE UNTIL JANUARY 4, 2015 from the journal’s website!


– Curren & Seda attend SfN annual meeting in Washington DC. On Tuesday they will present their work within the poster session „#624.Visual Cognition: Decision-Making„.


– Together with Martin Fischer I published a commentary on the recent article of Zanolie & Pecher (2014) in Frontiers in Psychology – Cognition.

Title: Attentional Cueing in Numerical Cognition – A commentary on Zanolie & Pecher (2014).


– An article has been accepted for publication in Consciousness and Cognition.

Title: Exploring the boundary conditions of unconscious numerical priming effects with continuous flash suppression.

Authors: Hesselmann G, Darcy N., Sterzer P, Knops A

03.10.2014 – 04.10.2014

– André is attending the „Workshop on Educational Neuroscience of Mathematics“ in Tübingen.


– An article has been accepted for publication in PLoS ONE.

Title: In how many ways is the approximate number system associated with exact

Authors: Pinheiro-Chargas, P., Wood, G., Knops, A., Krinzinger, H., Lonnemann, J., Startling-Alves, I., Willmes, K., & Haase, V.


– André is off for the DGPs conference in Bochum.


– An article was accepted for publication in Psychological Science.

Title: The scope and limits of numerical priming under interocular suppression.

Authors: Hesselmann, G. & Knops, A.


– An article was accepted for publication in PLoS One:

Title: Operational momentum in approximate multiplication and division? PLoS One

Authors: Katz, C. & Knops, A.


André Knops is off for the yearly Emmy Noether meeting in Potsdam (18.07. – 20.07.2014).


– Seda Cavdaroglu received the ‚Best Poster Award‘ in the „1st Joint Turkish-German Symposium on Human Neuroscience“ which took place in Berlin (June 5th – 6th).


– André Knops is off to OHBM in Hamburg, presenting poster on „A shared, flexible neural map architecture reflects capacity limits in both visual short term memory and enumeration.“

– Seda Cavdaroglu is participating in the „1st Joint Turkish-German Symposium on Human Neuroscience“ taking place in Berlin (June 5th – 6th). She presents a poster entitled „Does IPS really represent abstract number sense?“

– poster accepted for presentation at the DGPs meeting in Bochum.


– An article was accepted for publication in The Journal of Neuroscience!

Title: A shared, flexible neural map architecture reflects capacity limits in both visual short term memory and enumeration.

Authors: A. Knops, M. Piazza, R. Sengupta, E. Eger & D. Melcher


Nadja Tschentscher from Cambridge will present on Wednesday, 21.05.2014 (9:15, room 3’208, Department of Psychology; Rudower Chaussee 18, 12489 Berlin) on „How are things adding up: the neural dynamics of arithmetic problem solving as revealed by fMRI and EEG„.


– Dany Hoenack will present her first results on multisensory integration of numerical information on Wednesday, 23rd of April, 9:15 in the Colloquium.


– semester starts with a new seminar on „(non)conscious perception from a neurocognitive perspective“.


– Article published in QJEP:  Can approximate mental calculation account for operational momentum in addition and subtraction?

authors: Knops A, Dehaene S, Berteletti I & Zorzi M


– A poster has been accepted for presentation at this year’s meeting of the Organization for Human Brain Mapping in Hamburg.
Title: „A shared neural map architecture underlies capacity limits in both working memory and enumeration“
Authors: Knops A, Piazza M, Sengupta R, Eger E, & Melcher D


– We are happy to announce the upcoming presentation of Manuela Piazza at the Department of Psychology on Wednesday February 12th 2014 (17:00; room 3.209). Title and abstract are given below:

Number sense and calculation in the adult and in the developing brain

Hope to see you there…


– An article has been accepted for publication in The Quarterly Journal of Experimental Psychology. Title: „Can Approximate Mental Calculation Account for Operational Momentum in Addition and Subtraction?“


-Our new student assistant, Julia Gerb, started working with us as of today.

-We have a new masters student – Dany Hoenack- working with us for her masters thesis.  She will be working with Seda Cavdaroglu for a project on multisensory integration and numerical cognition.


– Back from vacation with good news: An article has been accepted for publication in Neuroimage (title: Numerical ordering and symbolic arithmetic share frontal and parietal circuits in the right hemisphere)

– We are sad to announce that Carolin will leave our group by the end of September to do an internship at the Charité. We wish her all the best!

– This offers the opportunity for students to apply for a position as a student assistant (41 hours/month) in the group (deadline: 20.09.2013; reference/Kennziffer: 32/419/13).


-Seda Cavdaroglu turned back from the „2nd International Summer School and Workshop on Brain Dynamics: Connectivity & Cognition„.


– Seda Cavadroglu is attending the  „2nd International Summer School and Workshop on Brain Dynamics: Connectivity & Cognition„.


– Curren Katz is presenting preliminary results at the Colloquium of the Cognitive Psychology Unit (Prof. van der Meer). Wednesday (26.06.2013) 9:00AM


– We wish to thank all attendees of the long night of sciences for their interest in our work and the interesting discussions. A special thanks goes to the participants who took part in the small adaptation experiment. The first results will appear here soon.

– André Knops is going to HBM 2013 in Seattle, presenting a poster on the neural system linking ordinal symbolic abilities to symbolic calculation abilities.

– An article appeared in Frontiers in Psychology „examining the presence and determinants of operational momentum in childhood

– André Knops will achieve the status ‚advanced user‘ at the Berlin Center for Advanced Neuroimaging which allows him to independently measure participants in fMRI.