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We collaborate with the following colleagues

Stanislas Dehaene & Evelyn Eger (Neurospin Center, Saclay, France)

Laurianne Vagharchakian (MPI for Human Development, Berlin)

David Melcher & Manuela Piazza (CIMeC, Rovereto, Italy)

Hans-Christoph Nuerk (Tübingen)

Koleen McCrink (Barnard College, NYU, USA)

Marco Zorzi (University of Padua, Italy)

Klaus Willmes (RWTH Aachen, Germany)

Korbinian Moeller & Elise Klein (Knowledge Media Research Center (KMRC), Tübingen, Germany)

Cesare Parise (Bielefeld)

Guido Hesselmann (Charité, Berlin)

We are also associated to the School of Mind and Brain, Berlin and the Cognitive Psychology Unit at the Department of Psychology, Humboldt University at Berlin (Elke van der Meer). If you have any questions regarding our research, please contact us via email at